Meet the Team

Shamsul Alam
Managing Director

Shamsul is the Managing Director of the London Business School (LSB). He holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute (FCMI). Shamsul’s goal is to build leaders for the business.  He has been in business for over 12 years and actively involved in running a variety of UK companies in Higher Education. Shamsul’s overall goal is to make LSB one of the most reputable business schools in Europe by 2025.

Rabah Kelilba

Rabah holds an MBA and  PG Diplomas in TESOL, Strategic Leadership and Executive Management (ILM), and Accounting and Finance. At LSB, Rabah is a Lecturer in Business Management with particular on Financial Management. Rabah has been a Chairman/CEO of a community non-profit organisation for many years, running training and workshops for board trustees, staff, and volunteers. Rabah’s primary focus at LSB is to develop and maintain quality educational programmes and to promote the improvement of teaching and learning practices. His research interests include accounting and finance, leadership, and coaching and mentoring. He is particularly interested in technology, enhanced teaching and learning, curriculum, assessment, and quality assurance.

Dr Richard George
Academic Dean

Richard is the Academic Dean at LSB. He holds a PhD in Marketing from the University of Cape Town (UCT). His research interests include safety and security issues in tourism and consumer behaviour in tourism. He is the author of several academic journal papers and books related to these topics, in particular Marketing Tourism in South Africa (2019) 6th edition, Oxford University Press (OUP) Southern Africa and Managing Tourism in South Africa (2015) 2nd edition, OUP Southern Africa. He has written a chapter (‘Product, Branding, and Services) ‘in P. Kotler & G. Armstrong’s (2015) Principles of Marketing: Global and African Perspectives, 2nd edition. Over the last 20 years, he has consulted and researched on behalf of numerous private sector and public sector organisations. Over the previous three years, he has been involved in running an independent bookshop and is an external examiner for Hult International Business School, London. He is currently writing an international edition of Marketing Tourism for OUP UK.

Harsha Subhashana
Senior Lecturer in Business

Harsha holds an MBA and a Chartered Marketer & Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). He is a Director of Toastmasters International District Office. Having worked full-time in the corporate sector for over twenty years, he has changed his career for learning facilitation (teaching). Harsha lectures in Marketing and Communications Skills at LSB, his areas of interest include Leadership, Marketing and Finance, Project Management, and Quality Management.

Dr Jude Onyima
Senior Lecturer in Business and Internal Quality Assurer

Jude holds a BSc, MSc and a PhD in Economics and Management. He is a Lecturer in Business at LSB, building the capacity of students on how to organise and nurture business resources. He has over ten years’ experience in teaching, research, and consultancy. Jude has won many research grants and has published numerous articles in reputable journals. He has attended conferences in several countries and has consulted for the Nigerian government, UNDP and multiple business organisations in areas of leadership and business competitiveness. His research interests revolve around immigrant businesses, women-led businesses, and start-up businesses.

Ali Kinyar
Lecturer and Qualifications Coordinator

Ali Kinyar is a Lecturer in Business and is the Qualifications Coordinator at LSB. He holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in Strategy and is currently a Doctoral researcher in Enterprise Risk Management focusing on the North American energy and natural resources sector. Ali is, at present, completing his Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education at the University of London. In his current role at LSB, he is responsible for teaching Research Methodology, Business Environment, and Strategic Planning. He is also involved in LSB’s Internal Quality Assurance for both the English Language and Business courses. His research interests include Risk Management and Insurance, Value Creation, Pedagogy, and online learning,

Abdenacer Rarih

Abdenacer manages the marketing and administration departments at LSB. He joined LSB as the Operations Manager in 2017 and is responsible for strategic and operational leadership. His focus is on LSB student experience and satisfaction. He aims to encourage both staff and students to be creative and become future dynamic business leaders. Abdenacer strongly believes in the philosophical adage: “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others”.

Marian Slujitoru
Head of Admissions

Marian is responsible for the delivery and development of the LSB Student Admissions and Applications and is the head of the LSB Admissions team. He has a BA degree in Banking and Finance. Marian strongly believes in delivering education par excellence. As part of his role processing admissions data, micromanagement and supporting the LSB academic team.

Larisa Martin

Larisa hold’s a BA in Financial Management. She is the Registrar at LSB. She is in charge of the student’s transcript evaluations and the certification process to provide maximum service to students while ensuring efficient and effective workflow. She works as part of the Student Services Team leading initiatives as determined by the Dean. She also supervises the coordination, evaluation and certification of all graduation applications, while overseeing the complete graduation process to include all elements of the rehearsal and ceremony.

Simona Yordanova
Head of Sales and Marketing

Simona holds a BA degree in International Sales & Marketing Management from Via University College, Denmark. She has a couple of years working in the fashion business. Simona is Head of Student Recruitment and is involved in marketing at the School. Her interests include starting and promoting a B2B Certificate and Professional Development (CPD) course at LSB. Her goal is to make LSB an international hub for studying business and business-related courses.

Khushboo Jolly
Head of Public relations & Branding

Khushboo is qualified MSc in Corporate & Marketing Communications for Brands.  She holds a BA degree in Advertising, Media & Public Relations as well as a Diploma in Animation. She has worked with brands from several industries, including fashion, retail, aviation, and film. She manages the branding and PR of the LSB. Khushboo’s goal is to make LSB one of the premier business school brands in the UK.

Youcef Semlala
International Admissions and Compliance Officer

Youcef has started his career in Administration, Finance & Human Resources, and now he is at the London School of Business. He gained experience and has learnt a lot of skills, ready to share them with the people around him. He enjoys creativity where he can add his touch as well as keeping an eye on small details. If you want to join the London School of Business, our staff is always ready to help you collect the documents you need to complete your registration.

Shikhar Bhardwaj
Regional Marketing Officer (Asia Pacific)

Shikhar holds a BA degree in Journalism. He is currently reading a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). Shikhar is the Digital Marketing Executive at LSB. His primary role is to implement the School’s social media campaigns and Social Media Optimisation (SMO).

Anna Kurtoglyan
Marketing and Communication Executive

As a Marketing Communications Executive, her responsibility with the London School of Business is to convey internal and external messages to the public and make sure the target audience sees these messages. What she loves about her job is that she can contribute to the development of marketing campaigns and work alongside her colleagues. Building strong relationships with customers and providing excellent customer service is essential in her daily duties. She also handles all media and marketing relations that liaise with the company’s name.

Daniela Ramirez Mafla

As a receptionist at London School of Business, she has developed her multitasking skills, including verbal communication, organisation and customer focus between others. She is in the first line to give support to the entire team and maintain security by following procedures; monitoring logbook; issuing visitor badges and accomplishing related results as needed. As part of her role, she ensures that all the visitors are welcome with a warm smile. Alongside this, she also ensures that necessary and accurate information is provided both in-person and via phone/email to visitors. Since the start of her career at LSB Group, she realised how successful a company could be with a motivated team, working every day to help people and supporting in one of the essential steps for their future.

Ruxanda Ciobanu
Student Well-being & Equality Officer

Ruxanda is the Student Quality Officer at LSB. She is currently completing a degree in Economics. She is involved in student wellbeing and student engagement for our School. She provides information, advice, and guidance to students and staff on staff-related issues, such as general welfare, academic progress and study options, health, and financial matters.

Shruthi Chakravarthy
Student Success Advisor

Shruthi has a BA in Media & Communications (Dubai) and an MSc in Digital Marketing from Loughborough University. She is the Student Success Advisor at LSB and looks after the well-being and welfare of students.  She oversees and develops implementation and strategies for academic support and provides advisory support to all students across courses.

Sousanik Saakian
Quality Officer

Sousanik holds a BA in Accounting and a BA in Adult Education at the Department of Social and Educational Policy at the University of Macedonia, in Greece. She is the Quality Officer in Education at LSB. Sousanik supports the quality assurance team, and she aims to enhance the student learning experience.

Lokesh Thota
IT Executive

Human Resources is essential to any business from its inception. Here at London School of Business, he is engaged in the management and development of employees. He is involved in a significant role in developing a positive business culture and improving employees engagement and productivity, both of which are critical for business success. Ultimately, it’s all about increasing employees performance. Employee wellness and personal development are also increasingly recognised at London School of Business.

Fatlinda Bici
Marketing Executive

Fatlinda is currently studying a Law degree at the University of East London (UEL). She is involved in Marketing and Recruitment, and she is also one of our English teaches for B1. Besides, she is a mediator and communicative link between the LSB student, staff and management. Fatlinda implements LSB’s policies and procedures for safeguarding and student supervision. She is involved in mentoring individual students while they are with LSB; providing encouragement, support, and pastoral care.

Sulsha Shah

Human Resources is essential to any business from its inception. Here at London School of Business, she is engaged in the management and development of employees. She is involved in a significant role in developing a positive business culture and improving employees engagement and productivity, both of which are critical for business success. Ultimately, it’s all about increasing employees performance. Employee wellness and personal development are also increasingly recognised at London School of Business.

Samantha Jambawo
Educational Officer

Her role as an educational officer for the London School of Business is truly varied. Her primary responsibility is to help students through a smooth transition onto their desired course in the UK and handling communications. She takes a hands-on approach to help students through the entire application process. As a dedicated officer, she reviews the student’s CV and personal statement to ensure it will impress the universities’ admissions team. She also offers advice on financial assistance and explains to every student what they are entitled to and any additional support they can receive based on their unique circumstances.

Christa Kanguma
Front Office Executive


Christa holds a BSc in Aviation, in our school she is the Front Office Executive Officer. She is involved in marketing communication and administration. Christa’s primary role is dealing with the student database, uploading students lessons on the LSB Moodle platform, as well as online English teaching.


Building Leaders for Business

At London School of Business (LSB) we nurture leaders. “Building Leaders for Business” forms the essence of our existence. We are redefining how businesses operate in London and the rest of the world.

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