Meet Our Team

Shamsul Alam
Managing Director

Rabah Kelilba

Dr Richard George
Academic Dean

Harsha Subhashana
Senior Lecturer in Business

Dr Jude Onyima
Lecturer & Internal Quality Assurer

Ali Kinyar
Lecturer and Qualifications Coordinator

Abdenacer Rarih

Marian Slujitoru
Head of Admissions

Larisa Martin

Simona Yordanova
Head of Sales and Marketing

Khushboo Jolly
Head of Public relations & Branding

Youcef Semlala
International Admissions Officer

Shikhar Bhardwaj
Regional Marketing Officer

Lamia Bensari
Marketing and Communication Executive

Doinita Chira

Ruxanda Ciobanu
Student Well-being & Equality Officer

Shruthi Chakravarthy
Student Success Advisor

Sousanik Saakian
Quality Control Officer

Lokesh Thota
Digital Marketing Executive


Camille Gueux
Marketing Executive

Maelle Berthet
Educational Officer

Irina Cemortan
Director’s Assistant

Soukaina Bouchtaoui
International Partnership Manager

Hasan Ali
Executive Officer

Rajeshwar Venkatesh
IT Technical Support Executive


Maroua El Abdellaoui
Marketing Executive (North Africa)

Ana Barcari
Sales & Marketing Executive

Yasmine Boulahdid
Admission Support Officer

Arjana Budo
Marketing & Communication Executive


Building Leaders for Business

At London School of Business (LSB) we nurture leaders. “Building Leaders for Business” forms the essence of our existence. We are redefining how businesses operate in London and the rest of the world.

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