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About Us

The LSB group contains three high education branches, London School of Business, Study Britannia and Eten College. These three higher educational branches provide not only different kinds of courses but also assist you to find and apply to the right course.

LSB warmly welcomes you to its friendly and stimulating environment of learning. Our aim is to provide students with high quality education delivered by a team of qualified professionals. We are dedicated to your learning and development, and to helping you achieve your goals. Your course will provide you with knowledge and understanding of subject matter; and will increase your attractiveness to employers and therefore improve your chances of employment within the UK and overseas. Our students come from multi-cultural backgrounds, the diverse student community will ensure studying at LSB is a rich and rewarding experience.

Our teachers have the passion and experience to ensure you achieve your learning objectives. We carefully select teachers who understand your goals and work hard to build a close relationship with you. Additionally, we have a great support team at LSB, who is there to make sure your learning experience is as enjoyable as possible.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide students from all over the world with the correct tools to express themselves with confidence in an English-speaking environment.

Our goal is to promote intercultural respect between learners from diverse backgrounds. To enable them to fulfil their personal potential on a global stage. We strive to create a positive and encouraging learning environment, that has the individual’s learning experience at heart and is supported by state-of-the-art technology.

Strategic Objectives in Support of Our Mission

  1. Continue with our policy of seeking a modest growth in student numbers.
  2. Continue to improve the quality and relevance of our academic provision.
  3. Match the curriculum to the requirements of students.
  4. Continue to develop an after school programme to support learning.
  5. Raise the cultural knowledge of staff to meet the students’ needs.
  6. Ensure equality of opportunity for staff and students.
  7. Recruit and retain the highest calibre staff.
  8. Administer our financial and other assets in a sound, business like manner.