It doesn’t matter whether you drive, take the bus, or walk. The average person spends more than 90 hours a year commuting, which works out to be more than a two week holiday. 

If anyone had an option, why would they choose a car over sunny Barcelona?

Commuting is a challenge that needs to be faced by everyone on a daily basis. So, it’s better to perceive it as an opportunity rather than a challenge. 

Create your to-do list

If you are commuting to your office by bus or train, then you have time to write down your top three or five priorities for the day. Make sure they are realistic and achievable. It will help you to use your time and energy wisely and will also help you to realise the main task for the day instead of any small, menial ones. If you are travelling by car, however, you can brainstorm ideas whilst driving, so that you are ready to take notes when you arrive at your destination- of course, make sure that this does not distract you from driving safely.

Mix up your mode of transport

Everyone falls into a habit of creating the same commute every day. Although the benefits of this might seem obvious (the fastest route to work), being locked into a strict routine does not help your flow of inspiration or creativity as you are repeating the same tasks and movement every single day.

Changing the morning routine like this will help your brain to think differently. If the workspace is close to your house, try using a bike or walking to commute as you will get a workout in at the same time.

Brainstorm new ideas

When most people think of commuting on a bus or train, they picture crowds or an extremely noisy environment. However, many studies suggest that although this area is more densely populated, it is easier to concentrate because none of the surroundings should affect you directly. As opposed to in the office, where there are a number of disturbances that could come from co-workers, meetings, or even working from home with family members. This gives you the perfect chance to brainstorm new ideas. You can take a notebook, or use your phone, and write down any ideas that spring to mind, by tapping into your creative side. 

The more you practice this, you will find new ideas arising from your surroundings. 

Don’t worry if you are not able to generate new ideas, moreover, you can enhance your skills of observation, or read a book, or listen to a podcast. Be patient with yourself, always remember that new ideas can occur at any moment.